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GameStop Struggles Despite Meme Stock Hype: First-Quarter Losses Deepen

GameStop, the video game retailer known for its meme stock status, recently released its dismal first-quarter financial results, showing no signs of operational improvement despite the excitement surrounding meme trader “Roaring Kitty.”

GameStop’s Financial Woes Continue

GameStop reported net sales of $881.8 million for the first quarter, a 29% decrease from the $1.237 billion reported the previous year. This decline was sharper than expected by the two Wall Street analysts covering the stock, whose estimates ranged from $900 million to $1.09 billion according to FactSet.

Quarterly Losses and Stock Sales

During the quarter, GameStop posted a loss of $32.3 million, which, while significant, was narrower than the $50.5 million loss in the same period last year. Additionally, the company announced plans to sell an additional 75 million shares on top of the 45 million share sale previously announced in May, which had already raised over $900 million.

Unexpected Early Results Release

The first-quarter results were released earlier than anticipated. Originally scheduled for later in the month, the results coincided with a YouTube livestream by Keith Gill, better known as “Roaring Kitty.” This event was highly anticipated by investors and fans alike.

Market Reaction

GameStop shares experienced significant volatility following the announcement. After plunging 20% in early trading, the stock recovered slightly to close down 5%. Prior to the earnings report, the stock had surged 30% during overnight trading, driven by speculation around Gill’s livestream, which led to a 47% rally on Thursday.


GameStop’s latest financial results highlight the company’s ongoing struggles despite the fervor generated by meme traders. As the retailer continues to navigate its financial challenges, the market remains closely tuned to any developments, especially those involving influential figures like “Roaring Kitty.”

David Mccoy
David Mccoy
David Mccoy, our CEO, author, and journalist, has over 5 years of experience in institutional investment markets. He holds a Bachelor's in Business Administration with a major in Finance. David bought his first stocks at 15 and made his first public stock trade at 23. He is passionate about the stock market.

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